VGA to S-Video & Full RCA Adapter

Male To S-Video + Full RCA

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Type: VGA to S-Video & Full RCA Adapter
Length: 0.1m
Connectors: Male To S-Video + Full RCA
Color: Black & Yellow, Red, White
The S-Video/RCA Adapter Cable provides loss-less connectivity between TV, PC/laptop, LCD projectors, HDTV and any other
display devices with its male VGA and S-video mini DIN 4-pin female connectors.
Connect your monitor to an LCD TV with
this Adapter to work comfortably on a large screen. This VGA to S video adapter features a male VGA connector at one end and
a S-video mini din 4-pin female connector at the other end for clean signal transfer from your video source. It has a high-quality
conductor that ensures efficient signal transmission.

Note: This adapter will not convert S-Video or Composite Video signal to VGA signal.

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Shipping & Delivery

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