USB To RS-232 Converter

Male To Male

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Type: USB To RS-232 Converter
Connectors: Male To Male
Cable length: 75cm
Color: Black
  • 1-port USB RS232 serial interface with integrated USB-A cable, D-SUB 9-pin male connector
  • Compatible with any application that uses COM ports on Windows 7/8/XP PCs
  • Standard baud rates up to 230.4 kbits/s, 128 B transmit-and-receive FIFOs
  • Fully functional RS232 port, including RTS/CTS hardware handshake lines
  • Easy programming in NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows™/CVI, and ANSI C/C with NI-VISA API
  • NI-Serial device driver integrates with included NI-VISA driver for easy serial port programming
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