USB Extender IR

Color: Black

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Type: High quality USB Extender IR


Cable length from USB to receiver: approx. 1.4 M
Cable length from receiver to emitter: approx. 2 M

Color: Black


IR Infrared Remote Control Receiver Extender Repeater Emitter USB Adapter.
The item is a USB remote control infrared transponder. It is widely used in audio,
TV, set top box and other IR Infrared remote control devices etc.

  • Simple appearance
  • Stable performance
  • Material: Cable+Plastic
  • Power: 5V ( Home appliance USB or 5V power supply )
  • Carrier frequency: 38KHZ
  • Peak wavelength: 940NM
  • Receiving distance: 18-20M
  • Launch distance: 18-20M

Use the double-sided adhesive to stick the receiver in a convenient location.
Stick the infrared emission head to the device you want to control.

Note: The carrier frequency is 38KHZ.


Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

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