HQ HDMI2.0 Switch 3Ports With RC 4K Ultra HD HDR

Color: Black

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Type: HDMI2.0 4K Switch 1 to 3 Support HDR



The Gold Touch E-HDMI-SW3-4KHDR is a 3 HDMI input port switcher. It can support 1 HDMI output at 3 HDMI input. It is ideal for 4K HDTVs, monitors or projectors with only one HDMI input. Easily connect your Apple TV box, Blu-ray DVD, PS4, Xbox to your 4K HDTV or projector, eliminating the cumbersome steps of connecting to an HDTV with different source devices and repeatedly plugging in the HDMI cable. Support fast switching, very suitable for home theater, home appliance stores, teaching institutions, etc.


  • Support 3 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output
  • Support HDMI 2.0/3D format
  • Ultra-low power consumption, can be powered by USB
  • Support automatic switching
  • Support 1 key cycle switching, fast switching
  • The panel has a signal input LED indictor


HDMI version …….HDMI 2.0

Video transmission bandwidth …….600MHz/18Gbps

Maximum supported resolution……4K/60hz

HDMI input cable length…….≤3m AWG26 HDMI standard Cable

HDMI output cable length …..≤3m AWG26 HDMI standard Cable

Host size……..102.5x 69.5x 23 mm (Lx WxH)

net weight……….76g

Power…….0.5 watt

Operating temperature……..15 to +55°C

Shell material ………plastic


Package Contents:

1pc HDMI Switcher

1pc USB power supply line

1pc Remote control

1pc Infrared receiver



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