4Port Dual DP KVM switch (with audio)

Color: Black
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Type: Gold Touch 4Port Dual DP KVM switch (with audio)
Color: Black

This 4Port Dual DP KVM switch designed to control up to 2 or 4 multi-graphics card dual-outputcomputers,
laptops and other applicable devices from one set of keyboard, mouseand 2 monitors for extended or duplicated
display. Mouse and keyboard can beused alternately between two monitors, operating two interface
filesrespectively. It is suitable for high resolution display and monitoring,multimedia design, multimedia
post-production and video editing etc. Itprovides users with great convenience.

  • One USBconsole controls 2/4 multi-graphics card dual-output computer and otherdevices.
  • Support extendedor duplicated display depending on computer setting.
  • SupportResolution:
    – For Dual DP KVM Switch: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i,1080p and 4K@30Hz.
    – For Dual VGA KVM Switch: 2048*1536@450MHz 
  • Multiplatformsupport: Windows 10/7/2000/XP/Vista、Linux and Mac;
  • Support hotplug & play
  • SupportHDCP and auto EDID for Dual DP KVM Switch
  • SupportDDC2 for Dual VGA KVM Switch
  • Supportauto detection,if one computer is powered off, the switch will automatically switchto the next powered-on computer (default as inactive,please follow Hotkey operation for activation.).
  • Withmemory function in case of power-down
  • Supportindependent mouse keyboard switch, even without USB signal input, you canswitch the input device easily by keyboard or mouse.
  • Auto ScanMode for monitoring all computers /DVR/NVR
  • WithUSB2.0 Hub and separate audio & microphone output
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